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We are much more than a cladding company.

At Beaulieu Cladding, we embrace a bold and inspired vision for the future of building envelopes. We see far beyond physical structures and materials; we envision innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically breathtaking architectural spaces. Our passion for creating cutting-edge solutions drives us to push the boundaries of imagination, redefine industry standards, and shape a built landscape that amazes and inspires. We aspire to shape a future where architecture transcends expectations and becomes a true functional work of art.


Logo Beaulieu Revêtement

The story of Beaulieu Cladding is that of a company built by many individuals. Known in the Drummondville region as Louyse Revêtement for nearly 30 years, the company capitalized on these strong foundations to become the undisputed leader in the installation and application of complete building envelopes in Québec.

In 2013, the company experienced a decisive turning point with its acquisition by our current president, Pierre-Olivier Beaulieu. Aware of the market's opportunities and driven by a bold vision, Mr. Beaulieu injected new dynamism into the company and implemented an ambitious growth strategy to meet the increasing demand in the Quebec construction sector. In fact, to celebrate this transition, the company changed its name in 2019 to Beaulieu Cladding.

Today, Beaulieu Cladding takes pride in being recognized as the leader in the field of complete building envelopes in Québec and Canada. Our highly skilled team consists of experienced experts with in-depth knowledge of materials, techniques, and the latest construction standards. We go above and beyond to provide our clients with innovative, sustainable, and customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Whether for residential, commercial, or institutional projects, Beaulieu Cladding stands out for its expertise and commitment to excellence. We are proud to collaborate with top-quality construction material suppliers to ensure superior results and maximum customer satisfaction.

Charpentiers Beaulieu Revêtement
Beaulieu Revêtement Salle de Conférence
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Charpentière Beaulieu Revêtement
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