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Full envelope

Our multiple highly qualified teams take care, in a single contract, of the entire external envelope of your building! 

Waterproofing membrane

We ensure a professional and meticulous installation of the waterproofing membrane, guaranteeing reliable protection against water infiltration and ensuring the durability of your building.

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Installation of insulation

We meticulously install insulation, whether it's exterior batt insulation or sprayed polyurethane insulation, to ensure an efficient thermal envelope and enhance the energy efficiency of your building, even in the harshest Canadian winters.

Cladding preparation

We carefully prepare the building surface by installing masonry anchors and accurately executing expansion and contraction joints, ensuring a solid and durable foundation for your building envelope that withstands stresses and structural movements.

Cladding Installation

Our reputation is built on our unparalleled expertise in the installation of exterior cladding, where our highly skilled teams combine precision and meticulousness to add a distinctive aesthetic touch to your building while ensuring long-lasting protection against the elements

Plan design assistance

We offer total or partial support, our experts wish to collaborate with you in order to carry out your projects.

Estimate from plan

Our team of estimators will be able to answer the various questions concerning the plans and the choice of materials.

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Choose Beaulieu Cladding for your next project!

Pick the experts at Beaulieu Cladding for the complete envelope of your building.

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